12 Essential Elements of a Great Dental Office Design

Dental office interior

Whether you’re opening a new practice or remodeling your building, dental office design is an art. There are a lot of components that you have to take into consideration. If you’re unsure of where to start or what to include, these 12 essential elements should be useful.

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Our Hartford Courant Feature Article

Designs From Space was recently featured in the Hartford Courant. We’re proud to share with the community some of the work that we’ve been doing. Here’s a short excerpt from the feature piece.

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The Essentials for Every Dental Office

Dental vision

If you’re a dentist or a manager of a dental office, having the right equipment and supplies on hand is vital in operating a well-run practice and in meeting the needs of all the patients who come through your doors. Whether you’re opening a brand-new office, or whether you’re remodeling an existing one, you need…

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Supporting a Positive Architect-Contractor Relationship

Both architects and contractors play a vital role in the completion of any commercial construction project. What an architect plans and envisions, the contractor brings into reality. In the best-case scenario, building designers and contractors work together as partners in the fruition of new construction projects.

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How To Begin New Dental Office Construction

Deciding to build a new office is an exciting prospect! Careful thought and ample planning will ensure that the end result is just what you envisioned. In any construction project, budget, design and the right building professionals are the stepping stones to success.

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