Our Hartford Courant Feature Article

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Designs From Space was recently featured in the Hartford Courant. We’re proud to share with the community some of the work that we’ve been doing. Here’s a short excerpt from the feature piece.


Designs From Space Focused On Creating Exceptional Dental Office Spaces

By Melanie Savage


“Designs From Space is a home-office consulting business, networking a team of consultants who create high-tech, cost-effective dental facilities, according to business owner and Andover resident, Robert Murphy.


‘The business model utilizes independent consultants, most of whom also operate from home-office locations, to interface and invoice clients directly and only as needed, thus minimizing operational overhead fees to clients,’ said Murphy.”


Murphy said his company designs dental facilities and provides related services such as budget estimates, feasibility studies, financing recommendations, office planning, engineering specifications, construction bid analyses, comparison shopping for contractors, cabinetry and equipment and, “coordination services from concept to conclusion.”


Murphy has extensive experience with dental practices. Prior to starting Designs From Space in 1986, he worked as a dental equipment sales specialist, dental equipment marketing manager, healthcare project loan originator, dental supply company manager, manager of a local area network/information technology company, and operated a dental cabinetry manufacturing business.


“My father was a dental office designer and dental equipment sales specialist for 40 years,” said Murphy. “While I was completing my education, I often accompanied him to dental office construction sites, where I learned many of the basics about designing and building dental facilities.”


Designs From Space utilizes numerous team members, such as an architect, an engineer, an interior designer, an office planner, a project coordinator, a lending specialist, an IT specialist, a dental equipment specialist, a dental cabinetry specialist, and a construction cost estimator, depending upon the needs of the particular project.


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