Supporting a Positive Architect-Contractor Relationship

norwich_07Both architects and contractors play a vital role in the completion of any commercial construction project. What an architect plans and envisions, the contractor brings into reality. In the best-case scenario, building designers and contractors work together as partners in the fruition of new construction projects.


What Happens When Communication Breaks Down

Disagreements between architects and contractors are common. If they are not able to come together to find solutions, conflicts can lead to expensive delays, which may in the worst-case scenario jeopardize a project’s completion. Discord in this professional relationship often stems from a misunderstanding of each other’s roles. When one is pitted against another, ego clashes are common.


The Role of the Architectural Team

The role of the architect is to transform a general concept into a workable plan with an incredible level of detail. He or she must take into account economic factors, and may be simultaneously performing the job of electrical and structural engineers while still crafting a design that brings to life the vision of the building owners.


The Role of the Contractor

Although contracting positions are typically filled long after the design team has been at work, their role is just as vital. The contractors are the ones who must deal with the on-the-ground realities of the plans of the architect. It is critical that an open base of communication is established while this handover of control is completed.


How to Ensure a Positive Relationship

The sooner contractors can be involved in the planning process the better, establishing a standard of communication and teamwork from the get-go. Even once planning is complete and the contracting manager has taken over the on-the-ground operations of building construction, representatives from the design team should remain in regular contact with the contractor. Regularly scheduled meetings will support an ongoing, open discussion about any unpredicted conditions or problems, preventing any dispute based delays and helping ensure the ultimate success of the project.


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