30 Years of Exceptional Dental Facilities

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Impressions Of Excellence

New patients cannot tell who is a good dentist but they can tell who looks like a good dentist. Our dental offices create an instant impression of excellence.

Maximum Value

The greatest savings are achieved by comparison-shopping expense items from construction costs to dental equipment - saving your money is a primary objective.

Day-to-Day Supervision

During construction, a dentist should be producing dentistry, not supervising contractors. We're experts at coordination and supervision of the entire process.

Personal Relationships

To plan and build efficiently requires a close, personal relationship between design team, contractor and dentist. Local overview controls mistakes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Designs From Space provides the single-source, comprehensive services necessary to design and complete dental office projects.
  • We've been creating dental facilities for 30 years without requiring the involvement of local dental dealers.
  • We use competitive-bidding throughout the process, locating cost-effective contractors for construction and cost-saving vendors for dental cabinets and dental equipment.
  • Our work can be seen in Cheshire, Norwich, Hartford, Meriden, South Windsor, and many other cities and towns in Connecticut

Office Design

As dental office design specialists, we know exactly how to create and transform beautiful yet functional spaces for all dental office staff and customers.


After years of comparison shopping for dental equipment, we know the market and can provide our customers with the most competitive and discounted prices.

Cabinetry Concepts

At Designs From Space we know exactly which style, brand and type of cabinets will give your dental office the look you want, and the best return on investment.

Service Area

Based out of Andover, CT our service area includes all of Connecticut and Rhode Island!