12 Essential Elements of a Great Dental Office Design

Dental office interiorWhether you’re opening a new practice or remodeling your building, dental office design is an art. There are a lot of components that you have to take into consideration. If you’re unsure of where to start or what to include, these 12 essential elements should be useful.


Always consider the size of your practice. If you build too big for your practice, you could end up losing money.



Function is important. You don’t only want to think about your patients but also about you and your employees. Make sure that you have private offices to take care of business but also recreational areas for your employees to unwind.


Sterilization Center 

Sterilization and resupply are important elements to dental office design. If you have a large practice, you may need several sterilization areas. If you don’t, however, consider one sterilization center.



Make sure that your inventory is well organized. This doesn’t only refer to your bulk storage but everything.


Open Hallways 

Have you ever been to a practice where the hallways are claustrophobic and the building feels like a maze to get to one place to another? Most people have experienced this. Keep open hallways and links between offices and treatment areas.



Invest in soundproof walls so that your patients don’t have to hear what’s happening in each room.


Treatment Rooms 

Make sure that your treatment rooms aren’t oversized. You can work with small spaces to make them feel more open.



Make sure that when you start the dental office design plans you have clearly written goals.



Don’t let the costs get away from you. If you’re on top of the alterations, you can stay within the contractor’s estimate.


Open Reception 

Don’t cut off your patients from the reception area. An open desk can be more open and inviting.



Stay away from too much clutter. Don’t let your treatment rooms become overloaded with supplies. Organization is the key.


When you’re remodeling your practice, keep these elements of dental office design in mind. They can make the renovation a lot easier.