How To Begin New Dental Office Construction

Deciding to build a new office is an exciting prospect! Careful thought and ample planning will ensure that the end result is just what you envisioned. In any construction project, budget, design and the right building professionals are the stepping stones to success.


Creating the Budget

The budget is usually a great place to begin when building a new office for your business. Start with an overall total number and then flesh out the details from there. Doing so will narrow down other details to a manageable set of options to choose from. It also helps to figure out how much of the total is available for certain categories, such as flooring, equipment, cabinets and lighting.


The first of these details to focus on is floor plan. Working with experienced builders and architects will give you a wealth of three-dimensional information that will help you decide how your office should be designed. Shop around by visiting other business offices to find a style that works and then explore the variations on that style. With several options, you will be able to get a cost per square foot estimate and begin to narrow down the aesthetic details.


Making All the Choices

In commercial construction there are always plenty of choices to be made. Finding the correct professionals to partner with is the essential first step toward a positive experience and outcome. Asking family and friends for referrals as well as taking time to talk with designers, architects and contractors leads to finding the right team. Talented specialists, like ourselves at Designs From Space, will take the time to understand a client’s style and make recommendations and suggestions based on experience.


With the right team in place and a budget as the guide, the design may begin! When building a new business office, visual aids are imperative resources. Pictures really do communicate better than words, so using them to ensure the details turn out just right is always a good idea. Browsing magazines, books and idea websites are great ways to find inspiration.


With decisions such as flooring, equipment, cabinetry and major fixtures made, a final bid price can be nailed down and your new office construction can begin. Smaller decisions may be left to make along the way, but from here on out, progress looks a lot like a crew of construction professionals and smells a lot like freshly sawed boards.


At Designs From Space we are happy to answer any dental office construction questions you may have. We know just how intimidating this process can be and want to ensure that every step of the way goes as smoothly as possible. Give us a call or click here for a quote!