Should You Have Windows in Your Dental Office?

dental office wall design

Including windows in your dental office design may seem like a no-brainer, but in reality, windows come with pro’s and con’s that can affect the functionality of your office. Here are some factors to consider when installing windows in your office.

Windows Provide Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make an office feel warm and homey, while artificial lighting may cause more strain on the eyes. Windows are a great way to get natural lighting.  The use of natural lighting can also reduce energy usage since less artificial lighting is needed, which is a plus for reducing expenses and being more environmentally friendly.

Windows Bring Exposure to Natural Scenery

Without windows, an office can make a patient feel secluded from the rest of the world or even claustrophobic in extreme cases. Dental office designs that have windows, however, will let patients continue to see and feel connected with the people and activities occurring outside. Patients can also see natural scenery through windows, which can have a calming effect on the mind.

Weather Can Interfere With Light Quality

You must consider the need to have consistent high-quality lighting in your office in order to give excellent dental services. If most of your lighting comes naturally through windows, your office may have poor lighting on days where the sky is filled with clouds or rain.  You should have a sufficient supply of backup artificial lighting to compensate for days with less natural lighting.

Window Positioning Affects the Timing of Receiving Light

Another thing to be careful of is the positioning of the windows. Offices would need to be aligned with an east-west axis and have windows facing the direction the sun rises in order to get the most exposure to natural lighting.

Instead of worrying about your dental office design and whether it should include windows, you can hire a trained professional to help you assess the space and create a design plan according to your needs and wants.