Tips for Your Dental Office Construction Project

Dental office blue chair

Dental office construction and design are elements that can add to – or unfortunately subtract from – the success of your practice. A good design will address the needs of both your patients and your employees. Redesigning your space should be a team effort between you and a professional with experience planning dental offices. Below are three topics you may want to discuss before getting started.


The first conversation you have with your designer should be to identify your needs. Why do you want a redesign? Are you hiring additional hygienists? Do you expect an increase in patients? Do you require a more modern or friendlier vibe? Answering these questions will inform your decisions going forward and ensure that you achieve the results you desire.


You should then envision the ideal floor plan for your dental office construction project. You can increase efficiency by creating an easy flow between spaces, both for your workers and your patients. The walk between the front door and the receptionist’s desk should be easy and obvious. The distance between the patient chairs and regularly-used cabinets should be short and unobstructed. Private and public spaces should be clearly delineated. Maximizing flow can help you save time and therefore, money.


Consider taking advantage of this opportunity to update your technology. Using the latest technology can add to the efficiency of your practice. In addition, it can instill confidence in your patients. Patients are often knowledgeable about the latest advancements in technology. If you use the most up-to-date equipment, they will feel like they are important to you. As a result, they will keep returning and may even refer their friends to your office. Your designer will be able to incorporate this new equipment into your floor plan.


Undergoing a redesign can be immensely beneficial for your practice. A professional designer can help make the most of your dental office construction project, implementing a design that will make your business more efficient and keep your patients returning.