The Dental Spa: Is it a Thing?

Dental office lounge

When people think of the dentist’s office, they think of dim exam rooms, scary tools and faces covered in surgical masks, which may be why so many people avoid the dentist like the plague. However, dental care is essential to one’s overall health, and to help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable in their care, many dentists are turning their offices into dental spas, the next big trend in dental office design.

The spa concept is not a new one, and it continues to be a highly successful one. Businesses have been partnering with other service professionals to offer their customers a larger suite of services in one space for years. Hair salons hire nail techs to give their customers a two-in-one pampering experience. Chiropractors work with massage therapists to ensure that their patients receive the complete treatment they need to feel better before leaving their office. However, how can a dental office incorporate the spa concept into its dental office design in a way that makes sense?


Most people would not be likely to receive dental care and then get their nails done. Nor would many be inclined to receive dental treatment after a relaxing massage. Though dentists have it a bit more difficult than most other professionals, the spa design can be accomplished by working with other dental professionals. A cosmetic dentist might partner with a family dentist to make it easier for a mom of three to get her teeth whitened. An orthodontist may partner with a pediatric dentist to make parents more inclined to invest in their child’s teeth. For many dental professionals, combining their practice with another’s might be both a profitable and convenient decision.


The dental spa dental office design is not for everyone, but it can be lucrative when done right. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your patient experience and to bring in more patients, give the dental spa some real consideration.