Opening a Dental Clinic

Dental office interior

Choosing to open a dental clinic requires a well thought out business plan just like any business endeavor. The plan outlines the goals of the business and how you plan to reach those goals. The goals should be attainable yet big enough to push you. A business plan should be reevaluated on an annual basis to account for growth, goal changes and other factors. Once the plan is ready to go, you are equipped to move to the next step required to open your clinic. Beyond purchasing dental office equipment, owners should consider the location, financing and design of the clinic.



First you must choose whether you plan to buy or lease a space in a medical office building or build your own. The location of either building should have easy access to roadways and pedestrian paths such as sidewalks. Signs and banners can help patients more easily find your clinic.



Dental office equipment, space and design for your clinic don’t come free. Consider how you can reasonably pay for the necessary expenditures and your accounts payable cycle. Most businesses operate on a twelve-month cycle.



Probably one of the more fun aspects of starting a dental clinic is choosing the layout and design of the interior. After seeing the layout of the actual office space, you can hire an interior designer or architect to design the inside of the clinic. Most offices have at least one exam room, dentist’s office, reception room and operating room. Things to consider for the interior include:

  • Location of sinks
  • Television sets in both patient areas and the reception room
  • Where the different rooms are located
  • Chairs and artwork throughout the clinic
  • Number and location of cabinets


Like any business, starting a dental clinic is more than just purchasing some dental office equipment. Several factors need to come together for the greatest chances of success. This takes organization, commitment and planning.