Light Up Your Dental Office with Green Lighting

Dental office lounge

Proper lighting is crucial to any dental practice from providing an inviting atmosphere in the waiting area to ensuring good light in the operatories. No one wants to leave the office thinking their teeth are stained or discolored during their visit. Green lighting as part of your dental office construction can not only give your office the right color of lighting, but also save money and be better for the environment.


The majority of dental offices use florescent lighting, but without a dental design contractor to pick the right bulbs and design, the light could incorrectly color patient’s teeth. Color correcting bulbs can work in general florescent lighting to avoid affecting the color of teeth. They can also provide better quality and illumination than the cheaper fixtures made for general purpose use.


Can lighting is another option that can be enhanced with green bulbs like LED’s and compact fluorescents (CFL). These bulbs can make your office “green” and reduce the amount of energy your office uses, saving you money. The bulbs often last longer as well so don’t have to be replaced as often. In addition, LED bulbs generally offer a white light that is “truer” that other bulbs.


LED’s offer many advantages over their counterparts. Average lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, though some can last longer, until a decrease to 70% of the lumen output is noticed. LED’s are not made with hazardous materials like sodium, mercury and lead. Save money, keep material out of a landfill and save time on maintenance with LED bulbs.


Invest further into your dental office construction project by using green and energy efficient lighting. If not in the process of remodeling or constructing your dental office, replacing burnt out bulbs and older fixtures with LED’s or converting low-cost fluorescents to T5 fluorescents can save you some money and brighten up your space.