How Picking the Right Contractor Will Save You Headaches, Time and Money

Dental office interior

Finding the right contractor for your dental office construction can be like finding the right girlfriend or boyfriend. You have to share the same goals, have to be able to communicate well, and have to know what you want. The right professional contractor will know the ins and outs of the right questions to ask, building and zoning requirements and where to go to get the information he or she doesn’t know already.

If you are starting construction on a new building, a good contractor will first ask what you are looking for in location. Do you want to be in a specific part of town? Is accessibility/parking important? Is dual zoning important? Armed with this information, the contractor can make realistic proposals in keeping with your end goals.


Building codes will also come into play, whether it’s new construction or you are redoing some existing dental office design. The right contractor will be able to interpret building codes in a manner you can understand. Then you both can decide on how you want to proceed.


An often-overlooked aspect of deciding on location is the tax base. One part of town may have a very different tax rate than another. It will be a rude awakening if you learn you are building in an area of town with the highest tax base after you’re committed.


Your contractor of choice should also be aware of the codes established by the municipality of your chosen location. Municipal ordinances are very similar to and just as important as building codes. They play a role in traffic regulation and zoning.


Whether you are considering new construction or a remodel, save yourself untold hours of frustration, unhappy surprises and unplanned-for expenses by hiring a qualified contractor for your dental office construction. The process will likely go much smoother and your excitement over having a new space won’t be damped by unnecessary set-backs.