Choosing a Dental Equipment Supplier

Dental office blue chair

There are so many aspects to running a dental clinic that owners may get bogged down and neglect some key elements. But researching the best dental office equipment supplier shouldn’t be one of them. The right supplier for your business offers quality service, quality equipment and warranties their products. A credible supply company can make all the difference in helping you run your practice and save you money.


Supplier Options

Equipment suppliers range from small to large. Picking the right one amongst all the available options can be a daunting task. However, there are a few things that can make choosing a supplier easier. The size, reputation, certifications and longevity of the company are a few key things to look for when seeking an equipment supplier. More than one supplier may be required depending on the equipment and supplies they carry. In no particular order, some high quality, reputable companies include:

  • Pelton & Crane dental equipment company
  • Ritter dental equipment
  • Patterson Dental Company
  • Sullivan-Schein Dental Company
  • Sirona Dental Equipment LLC (formerly Siemens dental equipment company)


Quality Service

A good supplier not only supplies quality equipment but also services that equipment. Service engineers should be able to repair and maintain the dental office equipment when you need it done. Broken equipment serves neither you nor your patients well.


Include Warranty

Each piece of equipment should come with a warranty from the supplier. If the company does not supply a warranty, consider using someone else altogether. Take advantage of suppliers who only bill you after you have used and are satisfied with the equipment.


Finding a quality dental office equipment company takes a little research but can often save you time and money later. Knowing what to look for can help you narrow down your search results. Maintaining a good relationship with your suppliers can increase satisfaction, timeliness of product delivery and cost savings.