Benefits of Green Dental Office Design

One of the greatest benefits your dental office design can do for your patients is present a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Everything from dental office equipment to the lighting to the type of office furniture used in the space can influence the feelings of patients and office staff. Green design has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and cost saving.



Wood furniture is a popular choice for waiting rooms and in office seating. The type of wood chosen can tell you how long you can expect it to last. Some popular choices that are resilient, long-lasting choice include:

  • Walnut—resistant to breakage and stress
  • Hickory—similar qualities to walnut
  • Cherry—resistant to splitting, shrinkage and twisting
  • Oak—similar qualities to cherry
  • Maple—similar qualities to cherry and walnut
  • Mahogany—a pricey option resistant to rotting, ideal for cabinets




LED lamps and lighting have taken off in both residential and commercial buildings due to their long-lasting design. Less replacements saves money. In addition, LED bulbs typically last longer than traditional incandescent while burning brighter. Have a brighter, more welcoming office and enjoy the cost savings benefits.




Not only does providing the latest in dental office equipment give your patients the very best care, but the new technology often lasts longer and uses less energy. The upfront expense is often more than outweighed by the energy savings over the long run. Newer models often require less maintenance meaning less equipment down time. The cost savings can build on top of each other. In addition, advancements in air compressors means your office is quieter with more effective air purification. Patients can enjoy breathing the cleaner air in a serene atmosphere.


Outfitting or retrofitting your office with newer dental office equipment and environmentally friendly items has many benefits for both you and your patients. The cost savings often multiply the greener your office keeping more money in your pocket.